Website Hosting

Basic hosting

One simple plan...add to it as needed. This is the ideal plan for a WordPress site.

Web sites - 1 then pay for extra sites as you need them.
Email accounts -10
Storage - 30Gb
Bandwidth - 200Gb
Email lists - 2
FTP accounts - 2
Databases - 2
Subdomains - 5
Parked domains - unlimited

Extras - Free SSL certificate, Cpanel, WordPress, stats, email management & much more

WordPress management

Administrative management of your WordPress site including updating WordPress, plugins and themes, scanning for malware and known vulnerabilities, Wordfence Security, HTTPS checking, Uptime monitoring, Broken link checking, Monthly report to you, much more

Site migration

Do you already have a wordpress site hosted elsewhere? We'll move it to 123host.

Note that sometimes it can't be a perfect clone but we will work with you do get it right. If we can't we'll 100% refund.

Email only

You get email but no website.

Full email services with 10 email accounts plus forwarders and mailing lists.

DNS Hosting

You don't get much.

Just want to park a domain or redirect it somewhere else? This comes with nothing, no email, nothing. Also known as domain parking. email address

An email address at

Your address e.g. will be redirected wherever you want.

Additional website

If you already have a basic hosting package which allows for 1 website, you can add additional sites for a low annual fee.