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Capitalised domains and emails Which is easier to read or... How do I access webmail? To access webmail head to and log in with your email address and... How do I forward email to my existing mail account? Forwarding email means there might not be a mailbox for that email address.  Think of it like... How do I set up my email client? For most email clients this pattern works: Mail Server Username: (email)@(domain) e.g.... How to Set Up Google Mail Fetcher Why Should I Use Fetch Mail Instead of an Email Forwarder? Unfortunately, it is very common... Is webmail available? It sure is and using the RoundCube email package you should find it easy and intuitive to use.... Mailbox setup Think of having a webmail box in the same terms as having a mailbox at your house. All your... POP v IMAP v WTF??? Email is confusing.  There are multiple protocols and so many possible combinations of devices... Send from gmail with your address using a forwarder If you want to use gmail, you can forward emails to your gmail address and then send from gmail... Send from your email address in gmail using google fetch If you use Gmail and want to send as (instead of here is how... Set up email Before we start, there are three ways to do this. You can set up mailboxes for each email... Spam and how to tame it Spam is the scourge of the internet and is only going to get worse rather than better. If you... Webmail Webmail is for people who want to check their mail on the web or "in the cloud" as the new trendy...
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