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This tutorial is how to add a Wordpress theme that you have bought and downloaded. If you contact me via a support ticket, I am happy to do this for you.  Or you can do it yourself

There are two ways to do this, rather than installing through the dashboard themes page. This version is how to upload the theme via cpanel. You can do it from within the wordpress dashboard but I haven't had a lot of success with that.

Log into your domain management panel:

cpanel login

Your login details are in the welcome email you should have received. If you can't find it, lodge a support ticket and it will be resent

Don't be intimidated by all the offerings in cpanel, it can be overwhelming. Also be careful you could break the internet...well, maybe just your kidding.

You are looking for the File section and particularly the File Manager icon - click it

theme install

There are a number of ways your site could be set up, this is going to cover the basic wordpress install. You should see a list of files that looks something like this

theme install

We want to go into the wp-content folder so double click it.

Look there...that's the themes folder. Head inside it by double clicking again.

theme install

and here is your list of existing themes. You will likely see a slightly different list, don't worry about it.

Adding a theme is as simple as creating a folder with the theme contents in it. So now we need to upload your zipped theme file that has all the contents packaged inside it.

For this tutorial I am gong to assume you have a zip file full of extra stuff from somewhere like theme forest. If you you just have the pure theme file named (theme name).zip, follow these instructions to upload that file and then upzip it to create the theme folder.

theme install

In the bottom right corner you will see an upload progress box

theme install

when it is complete

click the link in the middle of the page to go back to the list of themes

the page will reload and you should see all your themes plus the zip file which we will exctract by clicking the file to highlight it, then clicking extract.

confirm you want to extract the files...

it will display long list of files something like this. This is telling you what has been done. It is a boring read unless you have a reason.

theme install

You can close that window and now you need to reload the page to see the files that have been extracted

cool! I have highlighted all the extracted files and folders, but where is our rosemary theme? We can see but no rosemary folder

That's because the entire package has the theme inside it as a zipped sub-package. We need to unzip that next, but first some house keeping.

Delete all the highlighted folders - NOTE! You may or may not have the same files, this is just an example - but not the zip file by selecting them either one at a time or by holding down the ctrl key (option with Mac?) and selecting multiple files.

then click the delete icon

You'll be warned...

delete them.

And now it is time to get to the theme itself. Extract the (theme name).zip folder in the same way

confirm you want to do it

close the results window

reload the screen and look at that! There is your theme folder.

Now when you go into your wordpress dashboard and the themes page, the theme should be available to activate. If you are going to modify the theme you should learn about child-themes. That is beyond the scope of what I can do but there is plenty about it on the interwebs.

That should get you going.

Stuck? Lost? Does it theme too hard? Lodge a support ticket

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